Cast of the Week XVIII

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And now, here’s u/Mattasher with the winners:

But first, some Shoutouts to the people who made our week this week:

Shoutout to Elvira of Mistress of the Microcast and BG from Black Girl Baker for reaching their 200th episode.

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On to the winners!
Runners up:
217. Chakras – The Cliff Note´s Version by Astrocast By Diz
Diz gives us a perfect 80 second introduction to the concept of Chakras, and why you want to keep them clear and flowing.

246. James Bond And Heineken Beer by SnippetsWithSophia
Sophia takes on product placement in movies, and, in particular, the peculiar decision to pair fiction’s most famous martini drinker (shaken, not stirred) with a bland beer. I also recommend Sophia’s insightful episode on food history that explores the origins of many common last names.

266. Gardening and Math by SmartMoney
This episode of practical advice for teaching your kids math and gardening contains the best one-liner of the week, which I won’t spoil, but have a listen for the sentence that begins with “If six slugs eat one leaf every hour, and there’s only one can of beer in the house…”

And now, on to the winners of CotW XVIII:

Bleat of the Week:
This week we’ve added an award for most engaging (non-microcast) Bleat of the week. It goes to Asexual Asa for Pissing a lot of people off here about all the popular TV shows she’s never watched.

Second prize:
135. WHO: Globalism > Safety by Just Thinking Aloud
In this understated yet razor-sharp episode, Marko presents some basic facts and quotes related to the current crisis and draws us to an inevitable conclusion about one of the principal causes of so much of our pain.  

First prize:
228. Some thoughts by Aspie and Proud
It’s rare to see an episode of purely personal expression win a prize here, as the best microcast episodes tend to mix researched information with interesting and entertaining takes, but this week I had no choice but to award the top billing to Elsa. In this emotionally resonant, well written, poetic episode, she expertly expresses the angst I suspect so many of us feel in this stressful time.

Ykyz- A place to get it off your chest.

I would list other reasons as number one, two, or three why it is awesome to be a microcaster on ykyz, but I feel like going straight to number four or five: You get to share with other users what you are up today, how you feel, what is bothering you.

When I first started off with my cast I wanted to create professional bits with information on historical events, culture and so on. Then I noticed that people react less to those kinds of casts and react more often to my random rants. I don’t blame them at all as with time I realized that although I am an avid fan of history, it is really easier to prepare a 90 seconds max audio of how I was today or what was on my mind than preparing a mini-lesson on the Austrian Empire and the Austrian national identity or where the name “Russia” comes from.

This is not about easy. Besides all other types of fun one can have on ykyz, I found out it is a great place to vent or to just share. Maybe two or three weeks ago I stumbled upon the cast of this female ykyz-er sharing her doubts and emotion regarding her teenage daughter going through and coming out of depression and suicidal thoughts. I may be an extrovert and a communicative person, but I’ve been through that and I related on the double. I bleated back to her, she bleated too. We talked. We didn’t see each other’s faces, which I think made communication more genuine. We only cared about the message of the other person.

 I went on ykyz a couple of times to get it off my chest – me turning 30 or my attempts to tone down alcohol a notch. We have a friendly environment here. Not because of some regulation, not because correctness has been imposed on us, but simply because literally everyone on this platform is a cool, open-minded human being. We do not always agree, but we are perfectly cool about that. You know, as Voltaire once said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”