Channels of Interest on ykyz

There are many great channels on ykyz, with more being added daily. Everyone on ykyz is welcome to create their own channels. To do this, you simply type in the URL area and hit enter. It will create and take you to that channel.

You’ll find a list of our favorite channels below. Feel free to let us know what your own favorites are!

Calling all bookworms. This channel is just for you. Join in and discuss all the loves of literature you have with others.

Share your bucket lists with others from the ykyz community. You never know who might just share some of your own wishes on their lists too.

Drooling hounds, not your thing? What about the regal, sophisticated cat creature? If there were ever two things that went together so well, it would have to be the internet and cats.

Do you put Mr. Clean to shame? Or do you get lost trying to turn on a vacuum? This is the place to ask for ideas while sharing some of your own.

Keep up with what all the other ykyz users have going on in their day. This is a channel for checking in and sharing whatever is on your mind.

Who doesn’t want to join in with other dog lovers to discuss all things pouch related? This is the channel for anyone who wants to talk about their favorite four-legged friend.

We all know we secretly love to hear about the silly and outlandish things that can happen when one is breaking the law. Join in on sharing some of the silliest stories people have done to get themselves in trouble with the law.

Love all things game related? Come join your fellow enthusiasts to discuss all the loves and rage inducing games that are out today or from the distant past.

Do you swear that an apple a day really does keep the doctor away? Or a spoonful of honey helps soothe a sore throat? Join in on the conversations and start living your healthiest you.

This is where you will want to go for all things ykyz related. From tips and tricks about the site itself to asking questions or simply finding the latest updates going on.

Who will you choose to marry, do the deed with, and kill? This channel is all in good (nsfw) fun.

Love talking about all things cinema? Break out your popcorn and get to chatting. Just watch out for any spoilers. We make no promises.

c/NamethatFact , c/GuessthatMovie , c/GuessthatSong
Are you a trivia master? Know every famous quote and song lyrics? Take your chance at one of the great guessing game channels ykyz has to offer!

What are some weird laws in your area? Join others in the discussion of all the interesting and downright confusing laws that are still around today.

Forget to pull something out of the freezer? Guests showing up soon and you have no idea what to make? Check out all the great suggestions from other ykyz users.

The lovely game of picking what horrible fate you would rather deal with versus another one. What would you settle for?