Promote your microcast on Twitter

There are a lot of different, useful ways to use Twitter when trying to promote and grow your audience.

Tweet your most recent microcast

Once you are done recording or uploading your microcast, follow these steps:

  • Copy the permalink. (This can be found in the information circle just left of Bleats)
  • Go to (If needed, sign into your account.)
  • Find the area / icon to create a new tweet.
  • Paste the permalink you copied earlier into this section.
  • Fill in some more information or a summary of your episode
  • Click the submit button.

Network with other podcasters and podcast reviewers, especially people interested in your topic

  • Networking can be done a few ways. The easiest being to follow others. To follow someone on Twitter, simply click on their username. There will be a pop up option to follow. Click this follow button.
  • Alternately, you can search for people to follow on Twitter too.
  • Make sure you are following our account, @YKYZHaveYourSay, and we will follow you back

Use appropriate hashtags when posting

  • A hashtag will help your tweets show up on Twitter when people search for things. To use a hashtag, simply add the # symbol along with whatever tag you would like (no spaces). For example: #podcast #microcast #astrocast #ykyz #astrology
  • If you use the #ykyz hashtag or tweet @YKYZHaveYourSay then we can find your posts and help boost them

Interact with followers

  • Make sure to be available to interact with followers on twitter.
  • Tweet at them
  • Answer questions they may have
  • Like their posts about you