Why You Should Microcast While It’s Hot!

Everyone today has a YouTube channel, podcast or even a streaming show they push. It is the future of entertainment and nothing will change that. Today the average person can make money from the comfort of their own home by simply making a video and monetizing. Due to the increase saturation however, the market has become almost impossible to jump into. It has adapted the “Rockstar” concept of needing an immense amount of luck to achieve success.

That is not the only thing standing in your way either. YouTube’s adpocalypse and more have hinder even the best YouTuber’s ability to capitalize on advertising. Creators have now adapted to a whole new marketing scheme that goes far beyond Twitch and even Twitter. YouTubers are now streaming on Twitch, Streamers are now reviewing games on YouTube, the industry is changing everyday. New ways of standing out themselves are being saturated.

So now is the time. Depending on the video, it can take an entire day of editing to post content, just for it to be taken down due to rule violations. That’s where YKYZ.com comes into play. Free speech and content creation over the last couple of years has been blockaded behind rules and fear. “I can’t post this video because I’m on my final strike, and could lose my channel.” “This is too political to post, so I’m staying away from it.”

Have your say is so much more than a slogan, it’s a philosophy. You can report long form news on your favorite platform, but why not bring it to a place you can speak freely as well. Watching your tongue to keep your subscriber count up? Let them know they can come to ykyz.com for a little extra conversation where you present how you FEEL about a topic. Everyone reports the news, make your fan base interact with it. Interact not behind a keyboard, but in front of a mic for all to hear.

Most sports seasons are on hold or completely canceled right now. Maybe you do not have enough news to make a normal twenty minute video? Bring it to YKYZ and microcast it. Content should not be hidden behind quantity. The most important things ever said happened in less than ninety seconds.

Microcating is the future of content creation. It can not only be an add on to a service you already offer, but the home to your thoughts and feelings. A home to your new fan base.