YKYZ – back to the future.

In times when censorship on the internet is on the rise, personal data privacy is non-existent and ads bombard us from everywhere, it seems we need to take a break from all that. We need to “restart” the internet. Keep its technological advances that we have nowadays, but go back in time when the web was fun, light, not touchy, and not under the boot of Big brother.

This is where ykyz might come in for you. We bring the best of the past by jumping directly into the future with decentralization.

Ykyz might actually turn out to be a manifestation of the future, a prophecy of what is coming. Chances are it would be the new Twitter in audio format. Podcasts will definitely stay with us, Joe Rogan will most likely stay on the top of Youtube for more time to come.

But microcasting could be the new diamond in the dirt that hasn’t been found yet that will shine soon. You have 90 seconds max to get your point across. Not as quick to assimilate and comprehend as tweets are as eyes need a few seconds only, but way more engaging.

We do not see the face of the messenger, only their face. I assume this is one of the reasons why literally everybody has been so genuinely nice and friendly on our platform, regardless of the topic or the contradictory opinion. We unconsciously focus on the message rather than the messenger, leaving no grounds for ad hominems. You might argue that it is the exact same case with Twitter, yet Twitter is the perfect place to be a prick and indulge in an emotional, senseless Twitter war.  With microcasting we still receive some close and intimate impression that there is an actual human being on the other side of the cable (or wi-fi), despite not seeing their face. Voice seems to be The Great Balancer.

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