For those about to microcast, we salute you!

Hello and welcome to the exciting world of microcasting! A world where you create conversations one bleat at a time. Think of podcasts, but smaller and more condensed and you have the basis for what a microcast is.

It’s easily digestible information for everyday life and everyone can get involved in one way or another. For example, think of a topic you are passionate about. Maybe it’s a polical cause, a TV show you love or even something you want an opinion on.

Now that you have topic in mind, imagine talking about the topic for a couple minutes. After that, imagine meeting people that also share these points of view or even someone who doesn’t! You now have a chance to have a conversation about it!

And that’s the best part about this. Creating a conversation and learning about different walks of life. Keep in mind that experiences are an important part of life and it’s impossible to experience everything there is to.

That’s why you need other perspectives to help shape your worldview. Here at YKYZ, you have a chance to create these conversations, meet new people and have fun doing it. Sure, maybe you embarrass yourself once or twice, but the point here is growth and meeting interesting people!

So go out there and create something awesome. Ask a question, talk about something funny that happened today or even rant about something you find to be ridiculous. Just have fun and create that conversation.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer. I also hope you will use the opinions and life lessons heard on these microcasts to challenge your world view. You might just see things differently!

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